Election Security

The keys to election security are modern systems, tight, well-defined, processes and qualified, attentive, people.  I am running for County Auditor because I want to apply nearly 20 years of professional experience in elections administration to ensure that Mason County’s votes get counted accurately every time.

To ensure that Mason County’s elections are safe and secure, I will initiate a top to bottom review of all aspects of election security in the county and will require post-election audits after every election.  

Top to bottom security review.  I will bring in an election security expert to join me and the county elections staff in examining every step of the election process, from ballot design and printing through the final tally and certification. Our goal will be to ensure that our systems and processes are as secure as they can be.  This review will cover the voter registration system, the vote counting system and all the human processes such as testing of tally machines, processing of mail ballots, delivering ballots to voters and retrieving ballots from drop boxes. Following completion of the security review and implementation of any new security measures, I will make the review and a report on the steps that we have taken to address any shortcomings public.  

Post-election audits.  The best way to know that your electronic equipment is counting correctly is to check it.  Counting votes by hand in a percentage of the races in a percentage of the precincts demonstrates that the electronic equipment is accurate.  Even though it is not required by law, when I am Auditor Mason County will do a statistically significant post-election audit after every election.  The audit will be publicly announced and open to anyone that wants to observe.  

I have been working on election security issues since before they were big news.  When I was Oregon Deputy Secretary of State, I was the Project Executive for the development of the first, new, Help America Vote Act-compliant, statewide, voter registration system.  We built layers of effective security into the Oregon Centralized Voter Registration System, including siting redundant servers in three, geographically separate locations. This reduced the risk of a natural disaster interfering with an election. We also hired hackers to try to break in.  More than a decade later, that system is still working and was not hacked into in 2016 or at any other time.  After 20 years of work in elections I bring knowledge, experience, and know-how to run safe and secure elections. That is why I want to be Mason County Auditor.   

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